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§ Common
Absolute Disallowances

§ Payouts
Payment periods

§ Other
Using free content
Using free host and emails
Referral Program
Legal Statement

Absolute Disallowances
We have zero tolerance to next things:
• Child porn, child erotica
• Copyright violation
• Fraudulent activity
• Bestiality
• Spam
• Rape
• Any other illegal activity
You are allowed to send traffic any way you want. Banners, blind clicks, consoles, etc. are allowed.
You are not allowed to use your own or your friend`s credit cards to generate signups.
• We do not allow to promice users different content than stated on the given site.
• You must send users to our site's main page. We do not allow to send users to any page of our site except the main page.
Payment Periods
• Periods start on Monday and end on Sunday same week.
• Payouts are made nex week during Monday-Wednesday.
• Mininal payout amount is $50 ($200 for per signup program).
• We make payouts via wire transfer ($15 fee), Wm (0,8% fee), Paxum, checks (only for CCbill payouts processor)
Using free content
• You are not allowed to use our free content in any way but promoting our sites.
• You are not allowed remove any logos or change models appearance on photos/pictures and movies.
Using free host and emails

• you may use our free hosting for promoting our sites only
• If your earnings with us at least twice higher than bandwith costs you become allowed to promote additional sponsors with this host - not only our sites.
• If you were not allowed to promote other sponsors from our host and caught doing so your hosting account will be terminated.
• You can use your email accounts only for legal purposes. No spam or other illegal activity is allowed.

Referral Program
• You are disallowed to signup as self-referral with our adult affiliate program. Webmasters caught as self-referring will be banned from our program.
Legal Statement

• Signing up to our program you automatically state that you have read and understood all terms and agree to them.
• You state that present terms including all possible changes is the only document that regulates your relations with our program. Any other agreements, either oral or written, not reflected in these terms apply no legal obligations to our affiliate program.

• To get special explanations on our terms, please, contact us via trouble tickets, ICQ, email.

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